LARA BOHINC 2017 A/W Collection at Theatre H.P.FRANCE


LARA BOHINC 2017 A/W Collection

August 3 2017

Theatre H.P.FRANCE will launch LARA BOHINC’s new collection from Friday, August 4, 2017. The collection is contemporary but has a timeless elegance, and blends modern styles with traditional designs. In 2012, the designer received a honorary MBE. The brand has also launched modern luxury goods such as candle holders. The latest collection is filled with cool designs such as bangles designed with her iconic motif in transparent red and elegantly curved orbit pieces with a dangling onyx. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy the graphical world of LARA BOHINC.

From Friday, August 4, 2017~

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On Friday, August 4, 2017, H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX will launch their Autumn/Winter collection, kicking the season off with their Sweet Pea Fair.
Sweet Pea’s latest collection explores the senses, featuring scenic trips and the chic female image that inspired creative director Siobhan O’Neill. We hope to see you in stores.

From Friday, August 4, 2017~

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Simone Edition Poshette “The Book of Beauty”

The latest collection by Simone Edition Poshette, the glamorous and witty Paris-based leather goods brand designed by two sisters, will arrive in Bazar et Garde-Manger. We hope you come in to find your perfect wallet or clutch.

From Friday, August 4, 2017~

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Upcoming Exhibition at hpgrp GALLERY in Tribeca

August 2 2017

New York, July 31th, 2017 – hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce ‘Love & Obsession’, features the works of Japanese artists Tadahiro Gunji and Fantasista Utamaro. From the aesthetics of ancient paintings to high-context Anime culture, they easily cross over the boundaries. The opening reception with the artists will be held on Friday, August 18th, 2017.

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WOUTERS & HENDRIX 2017 Winter Collection

July 27 2017

As they do every year, Kioku H.P.FRANCE will kick-off the Autumn Winter season with Belgium jewelry duo WOUTERS & HENDRIX’s new collection. This season’s collection themed “The Collection Curators” is filled with unforgettable pieces that will encourage you to become your own collection curator by finding items you love and collecting by your own rules. We hope you come see this collection which is available in stores along with new collections by other artists.

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D-due Autumn/Winter 2017

July 11 2017

From July 14, D-due’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection will arrive in stores. Italian artist Georgio Morandi is the theme of the latest collection, which uses D-due’s perfected hand-painting and patchwork skills to recreate the layered lines and pottery motifs of his paintings. The line-up contains D-due’s unique classic and rustic yet elegant pieces. We hope you come experience the world of D-due in stores.

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io Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

July 8 2017

The io Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection has arrived in io H.P.FRANCE stores. This season’s ‘harbor’ theme features the MISHA series which mixes an airy translucent cotton jacquard with delicate french lace. We hope to see you in stores!

July 8, 2017 ~

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July 7 2017

French brand JACQUES LE CORRE has continued to exceed expectations every season by balancing basic simplicity with creative colors and textures. This season’s collection was inspired by the diverse and free-spirited Castro Street, in the colorful city of San Fransisco where European and American cultures entwine.

Friday, July 7, 2017 – Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Yuko Kanatani / Cellophane goshi, taiyō wa blue

July 1 2017

The Lamp harajuku window display for July has been created by Yuko Kanatani. The display’s underlying theme is July’s tanabata festival, and the store will offer products related to the display.


Through the cellophane, the sun is blue
A rainbow of blurred ink
Scraps of organdy sewn together, hang from the heavens
Yellow feathers on the tips make them twirl around
Tying on wishes with candy wrappers
Origami gems
The milky way flutters with the wind
Bamboo leaves brightly shining

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Tsé & Tsé associées – APRIL VASE 25th Anniversary Event

June 11 2017

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of April Vase, the debut piece and representative work of french brand Tsé & Tsé associées, artists close to the designer Catherine Lévy et Sigolène Prébois have created pieces under a ‘April Vase’ theme.

The works by these famous artists will be on display, and two special ‘April Vase’ pieces will be available to purchase for a limited time.

The two designers will also visit Japan to attend the opening event, which will be filled with flowers, entertain by live performances and offer flowers selected by the artists themselves for purchase. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 22, 2017 – Thursday, July 6, 2017, 11am to 7:30pm

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