SAYA KUBOTA solo exhibition “Material Witness” at HPGRP GALLERY TOKYO

October 18 2017


October 19th, Thursday – October 22nd, Sunday, 2017

B1F 5-7-17 Minamiaoyama,Minato-ku, Tokyo

Opening Party:
October 19th, 7-9pm



Artist. Born in Ibaraki, Japan (1987).

Kubota’s practice revolves around memory and physical traces of the past, which although they have seemingly altered in form or even to have disappeared, are still sustained in the present time and space. Here, old and new, decay and growth, artifice and organic, human, animal and nature all share the same horizon of scattered parallel existences. She gravitates towards invisible yet certain matters; worn out teeth of a dead deer that once gorged the fruits of the land; the presence of the moon visible only as a reflection of sunlight; letters to someone who cannot be reached; or an evocative mirage of burning incense. Her historical and philosophical enquiries are materialised in diverse works from tracing paper, oil painting, photography, self-devised machines and installation to embellished minerals and porcelains.

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AOSANDO ART FAIR: October 19th, Thursday – October 22nd, Sunday, 2017

AOSANDO ART FAIR is unique art event at Aosando in Tokyo, back streets situated between Aoyama-Dori and Omotesando St. which lined up with small boutiques, cafés, beauty salons and galleries. AOSANDO ART FAIR intends to cherish the fun of buying artists’ works and enhance bustling festival mood of the street. Store space becomes a showcase of young upcoming artists, and will delight your eyes.
Come to hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO and pick up your AOSANDO Map!

October 19th, Thursday – October 22nd, Sunday, 2017

40 venues in Harajuku – Omotesanso – Aoyama area

Opening Party:
October 19th, 7-9pm at All participating venues


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Atsuko Bauman Autumn Trunk Show: October 20th 2017 ~

October 17 2017

Atsuko Bauman will bring the perfect autumn mood from Upstate, New York where she has lived to H.P.F, CHRISTOPHER in West Village on Oct 20th, Friday. Atsuko practices traditional techniques to create modern designs with organic sensibility. Trainded as a metalsmith at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, she found her joy in practicing traditional Japanese enamelwork, expressing her work with unlimited color. Her collection of fine jewelry espresses the forms, colors and cycles of the natural world.

October 20th, Friday to November 2nd Thursday, 2017

Meet the designer:
October 20th, Friday 2-7pm

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October 15 2017

Belgium jewelry duo WOUTERS & HENDRIX’s new collection has arrived to H.P.F, CHRISTOPHER in West Village, New York City. This season’s collection themed “The Collection Curators.” For them, “Collectors have existed since the dawn of human culture. It originates from the days when collecting was a practical matter of hunting for food to survive. Today, we collect for different reasons – intellectual, aesthetic and emotional satisfaction among them. For WOUTERS & HENDRIX, collecting is a labour of love and part of their true being. By bringing the treasures together that they have collected, new stories are made for us to discover. For this collection, WOUTERS & HENDRIX wanted to create a romantic punk feeling by bringing together contrasting elements in a unexpected way.”

98 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014
T: 212 807 0140

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DRAWINGS LOU DOILLON Editions Astier de Villatte at H.P. DECO

October 13 2017

Following MA VIE A PARIS, guidebook printed on a typographic press, multi-talented artist Lou Doillon has released an art book titled “DRAWINGS”. Benoît Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli will join here in Japan for the Astier de Villatte book-release party at H.P.DECO. The event will also feature the debut of new ceramic pieces and fragrance collections, in addition to Christmas ornaments from around the world.

Friday, November 3 – Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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100 Years – SANYO 100 nen coat featuring Ricardo Gonzalez at hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK

September 24 2017

New York, September 26th, 2017 – hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK is pleased to announce the opening of “100 Years – SANYO 100 nen coat featuring Ricardo Gonzalez”. Brooklyn based artist Ricardo Gonzales shows the latest art works inspired by the concept of SANYO 100 nen coat. The opening reception with the live painting by the artists will be held on Friday, October 13th, 2017.

About 100 nen (100 years) coat
When SANYO SHOKAI reached its 70th anniversary in 2013, it adopted the tagline “TIMELESS WORK”, as a policy for becoming a company that consumers will empathize and resonate with, and come to love. It started work on making the “100nen coat” as a way of realizing that tagline. Starting in October, it gradually rolled the range out to department stores nationwide, and to Sanyo iStore, its own e-commerce site. The theme of the “100nen coat” is “a coat that will be loved for generations. It was developed in the “Sanyo” coat brand, which was the company’s starting point.

[Sanyo-goshi Original checked pattern]
We believed that Kabuki is the roots of the popular culture for Japanese entertainment arts, which is what led to our development of an original checked pattern that was inspired by the Okina-goshi pattern seen in Kabuki.
Okina-goshi a bold line means an old man and thin lines mean grandchildren. That’s the reason Sanyo has decided to make sanyo-goshi their concept ,100nen coat create to be loved over a long time through many generations.

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September 13 2017

As H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX celebrates its 15th anniversary this September, the brand is looking back and appreciating the countless customers and creators they have met or worked with over the years. To commemorate the brand’s anniversary and success in expanding to eight stores around the nation over the past 15th years, they have created a “15⋅8 = ∞” (infinity) theme. From September 21, stores will offer exclusive 15th anniversary products by Sweet pea and Lia Di Gregorio. A special gift will come with the purchase of these limited edition products. We hope you stop by to celebrate our special anniversary with us.

Thursday, September 21 – Saturday, September 30, 2017


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COSMIC WONDER: Ryugu Koromo from Genshi-no-Nuno at lamp harajuku

September 9 2017

Cosmic Wonder was initiated by modern artist Yukinori Maeda in 1997, and has been based out of their “Center for Cosmic Wonder” in Tokyo’s Minami-Aoyama district. The brand works on a global scale and its conceptual projects vary from clothing and artwork as “an active wave on the spirit” to book publications and more. In Kyoto’s Miyama village – an area designated as a National Preservation District of Historic Buildings – the brand has worked on projects that combine handicrafts and industrial art. In the summer of 2016, a performance and exhibition titled “Omizue: Iwamino-Kamito-mizu” based on Iwami’s nature and Japanese sekishu paper, was held at the Iwami Art Museum in Shimane Prefecture. From August 29, 2017, Cosmic Wonder and Kogei Panks Sha’s exhibition “Kami” will take place at the Shiseido Gallery in Ginza. In addition, a special exhibition titled “Jyuitsusuru Hikari” will be held at the Iwami Art Museum in Shimane Prefecture from this November.

Wednesday, September 15 – Saturday, September 30

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Communion by Joy Trunk Show at H.P.F, Christopher

September 7 2017

Joy Smith, a Los Angels based jewelry designer, will be at H.P.F, Christopher with her inspiring collection of fine jewelry, one-of-a-kind pieces and her newest ‘illuminating the spirit / intention’ set, created in collaboration with Life Aromatherapy.

Communion – noun ‘the act of sharing one’s thoughts and emotions with another or others; intimate converse’. Joy finds her inspiration from communing with the spirit in nature, animals and people. Each piece is ethically sourced made from recycled 14k gold, one-of-a-kind and unique. The collection carries an energy of inner-strength and it empowered her design aesthetic and the gemstone she choses.


9/17 Sunday, 3-6pm

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Bazar et Garde-Manger Store Relocation

September 4 2017

On September 16, Bazar et Garde-Mange will relocate to the address next to H.P.DECO. Until September 10, the store will be open as usual at its current location, where the store has been for eight years. Thank you for your continued support of Bazar et Garde-Mange.

Saturday, September 9 FASHION NIGHT OUT (open until 10pm)
Sunday, September 10 Moving party
Monday, September 11 – Friday, September 15 Closed

An event featuring vintage furniture selected by Marthe will take place from Saturday, September 16 at the new location.

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