MUHLBAUER Designer Event - POP "HAT" UP at Theatre H.P.FRANCE Ginza


MUHLBAUER Designer Event – POP “HAT” UP

August 23 2017

MUHLBAUER, the Viennese hat-making brand with a history of over 100 years, will be coming to Theatre H.P.FRANCE Ginza as a pop-up from Friday, September 8, 2017.

The brand’s fourth generation designer Klaus Muhlbauer uses high-quality materials to create high-fashion designs for everyday use. This will be an opportunity to see and choose from all pieces of the 2017 A/W collection. The designer will be at the store from 6pm on Friday, September 8 to advise customers on selecting the best hat. For every purchase on the day, a special gift will be presented from the designer.

Friday, September 8, 2017 ~

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H.P.DECO Marunouchi – Sato Takashi EXHIBITION “FLASHBACK”

August 18 2017

Sato Takashi, an artist who loved to draw disney characters as a young boy, was deeply influenced by black culture and club music which led him to create his own style of rhythmical and pop illustrations. He often uses artists he admires as muses to create his work.

The artist most recently collaborated with German ceramics brand Kühn Keramik for the H.P.DECO Marunouchi window “PUNK or POP?” exhibition in November 2015. This time the theme is the 80’s, an era filled with unique icons. The exhibition is an overview of the idea that POP = the 80’s, and is made up of approximately 15 new pencil-drawn pieces.

The artwork will be on display and available for purchase from Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at H.P.DECO Marunouchi window. 9,500 JPY each (frame and tax incl.)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 – Monday, September 4, 2017

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D-due Sketch Collection

August 16 2017

D-due H.P.FRANCE will launch their Sketch Collection on Thursday, August 17. The autumn/winter collection has a “Giorgio Morandi” theme and features blouses and dresses of deep tones such as navy and green that remind us of Bologna, Italy; a place that Morandi loved. A ribbed-knit collection in D-due’s signature patterns will also be available. We hope you enjoy the rustic pieces made with unique fabrics that D-due has to offer.

From Thursday, August 17, 2017 ~

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Lamp harajuku 2017 AUTUMN COLLECTION

August 15 2017

Lamp harajuku’s autumn collection will be available in-stores and online at H.P.F,MALL from Friday, August 18. This season’s theme titled “COCO”, is for the strong-spirited women who question everyday restrictions and break away from the norm. Lamp harajuku celebrates these women by offering classical yet fresh designs to transform the ordinary everyday into fantastical extraordinary days, this season.

Friday, August 18, 2017 ~

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Rusty Thought’s Collection arrived in H.P.F, Christopher

August 12 2017

Rusty Thought’s Collection arrived in H.P.F, Christopher in West Village, New York. Japanese designer Rusty Thought creates modern designs transformed through traditional handcraft techniques. The collection is inspired by ”Wabi Sabi”, a philosophy based on the acceptance of imperfection and impermanence. With superior craftsmanship and attention to detail each piece reveals its essential beauty as it is worn. We are showing their latest Cameo ring collection “Same but Different” and pieces from their archive collection.

August, 2017 ~

H.P.F, Christopher

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JAMIN PUECH 2017 A/W Collection

August 11 2017

JAMIN PUECH will launch its extensive 2017 A/W Collection on Saturday, August 12. In a garden where butterflies flutter while bees buzz around, we invite you to find your favorite bag.

On Saturday, August 12, we will have special offerings as we launch our newest collection. The store’s window display has also been redesigned to match our Autumn/Winter look. We hope to see you in stores.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 ~


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August 10 2017

Bespoke rings by Milan-based jewelry brand LIA DI GREGORIO have arrived. They will be available at all H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX stores from Friday, August 11. We hope you come see them in stores.

Your initials are a symbol of your own, the initials of a loved one can be cherished as a charm, and a word you live by can give you confidence. Engrave your favorite letters in YOUR NAME RING. Offered in 18K YG or WG / 108,000 JPY each (tax included).

All alphabet letters can engraved. A diamond is offered as an option for a total cost of 118,800 JPY (tax included). These semi-bespoke rings will be delivered 3 months after initial order.

With a designer who understands metals, Italian jewelry brand LIA DI GREGORIO artistically uses the kindness, strength, coolness and warmth of gold and turns it into beautiful jewelry. Her ring collection is conceptual and feels like true art. Her bridal rings designed especially for H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX are available at all H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX stores.

*The bridal campaign is taking place in stores from Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 27.

Friday, August 11, 2017 ~

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io 2017 A/W io yukomura”Ta Collection

August 9 2017

io H.P.FRANCE stores will launch the io 2017 A/W Main Collection from Friday, August 11. This season marks the revival of io’s main line io yukomura”Ta, and designer Yuko Murata’s signature items such as trench coats and overalls will be included in the 20 or so piece collection. io’s latest catalog filled with images of this season’s “HARBOR” theme, has also arrived in stores.

Please contact stores directly for product availability. We hope to see you in stores!

From Friday, August 11, 2017 ~


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goldie H.P.FRANCE A/W 2017 Collection in stores

August 3 2017

goldie H.P.FRANCE’s newest Autumn/Winter collection is now available in stores.
The latest collection is themed “BELVEDERE – a beautiful view”.

The beautiful marble cathedral, the fountain and springs in the luxurious vacation house lawn, the flowers that cover the elegant tapestry, the silver armour that reflects the moonlight…

Romance added onto extraordinary craftsmanship.

Like the Italian renaissance times emphasized humanity, this Autumn we will celebrate our uniqueness.

We hope to see you in stores.

The online catalogue for the latest collection is now available:

From Friday, August 4, 2017~

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LARA BOHINC 2017 A/W Collection

Theatre H.P.FRANCE will launch LARA BOHINC’s new collection from Friday, August 4, 2017. The collection is contemporary but has a timeless elegance, and blends modern styles with traditional designs. In 2012, the designer received a honorary MBE. The brand has also launched modern luxury goods such as candle holders. The latest collection is filled with cool designs such as bangles designed with her iconic motif in transparent red and elegantly curved orbit pieces with a dangling onyx. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy the graphical world of LARA BOHINC.

From Friday, August 4, 2017~

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