April 18 2016

H.P.F, 98 CHRISTOPHER H.P.F, 98 CHRISTOPHER, a boutique which first launched in New York City’s West Village in April 2015, has recently opened its second location, this time in Tokyo. The opening brings brands that have been popular in NY to Tokyo. The company’s separate brand drama H.P.FRANCE director Haruko Kamiya will oversee everything from […]

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La Maison de Vent Exhibition – The ‘happiness of a ceramic piece’

April 16 2016

La Maison de Vent will be hosting an exhibition which will highlight the people who create and use ceramics. The ‘happiness of a ceramic piece’ is determined by how it has influenced the imagination and development of these creators and users.

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April 15 2016

The CORAL & TUSK collection is based on the designer’s inspirations while traveling. The 2016 S/S collection was inspired by designer Stephanie Housley and her partner’s trip to California’s Big Sur last summer.

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Tradeshow of Christmas “BATOMA CHRISTMAS”

April 11 2016

Originally branching out from BATOMA TRADESHOW” for design, art and product, BATOMA CHRISTMAS is a unique joint exhibition purely focused on Christmas.

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Stefano Poletti “Poesy of the material ‐Creation of 30 years

April 2 2016

The ever-elegant Stefano Poletti will be visiting Japan to celebrate 30 years of work. Events will be held to showcase the jewelry designer and his work, as well as offer a glimpse into his ‘art de vivre’ or art of living. We welcome everyone to come as there is plenty of inspiration and themes to […]

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15 th Anniversary Fair

March 20 2016

Sui Kin Chi Ka Moku Do Ten Mei Kai 15th anniversary, we will present special anniversary collection from the creators and designers whom we are proud to work with.

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“Genfukei” featuring Shinko Okuhara, Tamami Kubota and Ayune Shojima @ hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

March 12 2016

hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce “Genfukei”, a group exhibition by Shinko Okuhara, Tamami Kubota and Ayune Shojima.

Shinko Okuhara has covered designs for numerous books and ads, and her work can also be seen in galleries and art fairs around the world. Okuhara takes details and feelings from everyday life, and transforms them into colors and shapes by painting, drawing, print art and illustrations. In recent years, much of her art has featured nature and scenery from her hometown.

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【New Store Opening】D-due H.P.FRANCE

February 6 2016

On Saturday, February 27, H.P.FRANCE will open D-due H.P.FRANCE in Aoyama, Tokyo.

D-due is a brand based in Galicia, Spain, that originated from a traditional tailoring company. This location will be their first flagship store worldwide to showcase their garments and embraces the art of their craftsmanship.

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Hideki Kuwajima “Parallax” Exhibition @ hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

February 5 2016

hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce photographer Hideki Kuwajima’s “Parallax” exhibition.

Kuwajima was born in 1964 to a family that owned a photography studio in Osaka. After graduating from a photography institute in Japan, Kuwajima worked for a commercial photo studio until becoming a professional photographer. In 1997, he was awarded for his work at the Tokyo International Photo-Biennale and later received worldwide recognition for his THE WORLD series, which captured images of glass and decanters and were associated with Mandala.

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“LOVE&GIFT” Campaign February ~ March

February 1 2016

“Fall in love with spring”

February is when we start to hear birds singing and it begins to feel like spring.

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