hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce Tamami Kubota’s solo exhibition “Asparado”. Her bold strokes combined with the blended colors distinctive to oil-paintings, create a unique and colorful world. On first glance the colors appear to be muted, but show various expressions and movement. This quiet feeling speaks to us of different stories through our own memories and imagination. We hope you won’t miss this special opportunity!

A Message from the Artist
The creator and audience of a visual will interactively communicate through thoughts and information. The creator’s core message can easily be influenced by the words or viewpoint of the audience, and eventually fall into a paradoxical world when the initial position or emotion evolves. The message is influenced, reversed, controlled, inflected in your eyes and eventually implanted in your brain. I hope you enjoy both sides of these contradicting worlds ‘where things can seem to be in every way’.

Artist Profile
Born in 1978
2004 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts (MA in Fine Arts)
1999 “Hitotsubo Exhibition” of Graphic Art – grand prize winner, 2004 “Mainichi Ad Design Competition” award

Recent Exhibitions
2017 “Photographic Documents” – america-Bashi Gallery (Tokyo)
2016 “Genfukei”- hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO (Tokyo)
2015 “Mignon” – Galerie Nichido (Nagoya)
2011-2014 “REGION” – Galerie Nichido (Nagoya)
2010 Solo exhibition – Galerie Nichido (Nagoya)

Friday, October 27, 2017 – Saturday, November 25, 2017