Date: Tuesday, November 1 – Tuesday, December 27, 2016
H.P.FRANCE, in all stores

LOVE&GIFT is a gift campaign by H.P.FRANCE that launched in 2013.

The LOVE&GIFT Christmas 2016 theme ‘Happy Holiday!’ is all about the season that gathers people together and is best spent with loved ones. Around 80 H.P.FRANCE stores around Japan will propose uplifting and exciting moments perfect for the holiday season. 

H.P.FRANCE is also distributing a catalog filled with special items by exclusive brands that partner with H.P.FRANCE, in all stores. The items include accessories, apparel, interior and everything that is sure to make you smile. Share happiness, say ‘thanks’ or ‘I love you’ to someone special with a perfect gift.

The catalog is also available for download:

The visuals for this campaign were done by the Paris-based artist Edi Dominique Dubien. The vivid colored piece where people bustle around for the holiday season and animals prepare for the long and cold winter, is described by the artist as an expression of Joie de Vivre or ‘a feeling of happiness about life’.

DESIGNER PROFILE: Edi Dominique Dubien

Born in 1963 in the Île-de-France region of France, Edi Dominique Dubien currently resides in Paris where he works from his atelier.  As a self-taught artist with his own distinctive style, he expresses internal themes using unique colors to create poetic and expressionistic works of art. The artist often uses memories and feelings from his youth for creating his pieces. He explains “I keep one foot in my childhood and the other foot in modern art.”