Jacques le Corre, the accessories, hat and shoe designer known for creating Avant-garde pieces striking enough to allow one to see things in a different light. This look book explores elements that inspired the designs.
H.P. FRANCE BIJOUX: Bridal Special
Until now, when one spoke of engagement rings in Japan, images of a simple yet sparkly diamond ring would come to mind. In order to express a more personalized sentiment of a couple’s endless love, H.P. FRANCE BIJOUX has coupled with 6 designers to bring to you a special bridal collection. Please view the look book here.

Store Information:
ParisのH.P.FRANCE ShopとAtelier
Did you know that H.P. FRANCE stands for Harajuku Project France? We operate over 90 boutiques throughout Japan. A large percentage of brands imported hail from France. In this month’s H.P.F, The Paper, we’ve featured French designers from brands that we love! This issue includes:

Manon Gignoux, Jamin Puech, Tse&Tse associees, ASTIER de VILLATTE, SERGE THORAVAL, MEDECINE DOUCE, JACQUES LE CORRE, Stefano Poletti and DOMIQUE DUBIEN up close and personal in their respective studios and stores.
Last month, CONCENTO opened in a brand-new location. With a new store, new brands and a new direction, we welcome you to have a look at our newest look book. The 1st look tells a strange, mysterious story…Who’s looking for me? 
Rounded shoulders and voluminous, puffy sleeves accentuate the tiniest waist. Ruffled skirts, frilly lace pants, oversized flower printed socks. A resurgence of 15th century clothing.
Who is looking for the most beautiful woman in the world? The frog, you, of course.

Stylist: Yukiko Yuzawa
Photographer: Ryota Atsumi
Hair & Make-up: Makoto Saito
Art Director: Satoko Sano